Central Church has officially reopened for worship. We are following the guidelines as set by the New York State Department of Health.

Please note these guidelines are as follows:

1) The allowed meeting size for our Sanctuary is 127 persons. Please bring your own Bible as we do not have them available in the pews. 

2) Everyone (except the Pastor and Worship Leader) must wear masks at all times. If you come without a mask, one will be provided for you, and you must wear it (even when singing) throughout the service.

3) Social distancing must be followed walking in the building and sitting in the Sanctuary. Please be respectful of how the Sanctuary has been roped off and sit only where permitted.

4) There is a bottle of hand sanitizer at both entrances of the building. Please sanitize your hands before you come any further into the building. There are also bottles of hand sanitizer throughout the Sanctuary.

5) We need to keep track of who is coming and going from the church; please fill out a yellow pew card and place it in the offering box. Families need only fill out one yellow card, listing all family members in worship; all others must fill out individual cards. You don’t need to fill out all the info unless you want to, but your name is what we need.

6) There will be a box at the rear of the Sanctuary in which you can leave your tithes and offerings, as well as the yellow cards. (If you are worshiping with us online, you can mail in your offerings to the Church Office, or give online at our website).

7) You can enter the church from either the front or rear doors before worship. However, at 10:00 am, the rear doors will be locked and you must enter through the front doors. This way we can also keep track of who is coming and going from our building.

8) If you wish to remain at home, our worship service will still be available online.

9) But most important, come ready to worship and praise our Lord, for He is good and His love is everlasting!


Looking forward to being together with you in the House of the Lord.

Please Note *** WITH THE CURRENT RAPIDLY RISING NUMBERS of individuals who are testing positive for COVID, it is very important that, if you or a family member tests positive, that you 1) inform the Church Office so that we can be praying for you and your quick recovery, and 2) if you’ve been to church for a worship service or meeting, we can inform those who have been in contact with you, of your status and encourage them to be tested as well.

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