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Our Women’s Christian Council (WCC) is designed just for women of all ages for fellowship, for Bible study, for vision and for service. Three different women’s “Circles” meet the second Tuesday or Friday of the month in the morning at various homes or at the church. In addition to their monthly meetings, they enjoy other activities including: conferences, catered or pot-luck brunches and lunches, dessert nights, retreats and a summer garden party.


Have you ever wanted to read through the Bible?  A helpful way to do this is to do so with a group!  This is where Sunday Bible Studies can come in handy!

Join us in "the White Room"--the large room by the exit to the parking lot--Sundays after worship service.  There, you will find a lively and fun group of people reading through one of the Bible books together.  Along with the comaraderie, the pastor also offers us a chance to read a bit deeper.  This is both inductive and deductive, depending on the book and context.   


If you know of someone whom you haven't seen at church for awhile, or of anyone you feel could use a call of visit from the Visitation Team, please call the Church Office, 631-421-3663, and we will be happy to arrange it.

Remember they don’t have to be a senior citizen or a shut-in to be visited!

Interested in joining one of our ministries or have questions?

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