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Welcome to Central Church.  

Jesus loves you and has been seeking for you to know him.  For first time visitors, here are some FAQ's.  



Q: What should I expect the first time I attend Central?
A:  A diverse group of welcoming people who are happy to share the journey with you.  There is a Bible Study after the service where you can read and reflect on God's Word.

Q: What’s the music like?
A: We worship with Spirit-led modern music, as well as some traditional hymns.

Q: What does the pastor talk about?
A:  How the Scriptures speak of God's love for us through the life and resurrection of Jesus.   We aim to give an accurate representation of what the original Scripture says o both the people to whom it was written and to us today.

Q: Do I need to dress up?
A: That is up to you.  Central Church's focus will always be on the inner transformation.  BTW, the pastor is an occasional bowtie guy, and we don't hold that against him.  OK, so maybe a little bit...  

Q: What can my kids do?
A: Children are always welcome to worship on Sunday  (the church is their Heavenly Father's house)!  

On Sundays:  Sunday school classes and nursery (currently suspended due to Covid-19).

Weekdays: Kids Central on Thursdays.

Summer: 1 week In July,  Vacation Bible School.

For more information, please contact Jeanine Stuyvesant (children) or Rayna Caputo (youth).

Q: What are the people like?
A: Our people are from a variety of different backgrounds and walks of life.  You will meet people of from diverse backgrounds who are equally important to what God is doing in our congregation.

Q: Do I have o fix myself before I come?
A: Come the way you are now!  
Questions are welcomed and "a past" is something we all carry.


Q: Will I be asked for money?
There is an offering taken, but we encourage people who are new that the best gift they can give God is themselves.

Q: How can I get involved?
We're glad you asked! You'll find at the very bottom of this page a button to our contact page. Give us your information and some of your specific interests. We'll be sure to connect you with a church staff person and ministry to get started with in the church.

(good to see you!)

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