Welcome to Central Church.  

We are grateful to be part of your faith journey and want to help you  discover how much Jesus loves you and how God has been seeking for you to know him.  The first time you come to a church service it can be intimidating.  Below we answer some of your questions about what that experience will be like.  If you have further questions, please just ask by clicking the CONTACT button.



Q: What should I expect the first time I attend Central?
A:  A diverse group of welcoming people who  are grateful to share the journey with you.  No one will single you out during the service as a visitor, but greeters will be in the lobby ready to answer any questions. There is a Bible Study after the service where you can read and reflect on God's Word.

Q: What’s the music like?
A: We worship with Spirit-led modern music, as well as some traditional hymns.

Q: What does the pastor talk about?
A:  How the Scriptures are a reflection of God's love for us through the life of Christ.  We share the Bible and how it represents Jesus' ability to change our hearts and our daily lives.  Our teaching give an accurate representation of what the original Scripture meant to the people to whom it was written and how you can use it in your life today.

Q: What should I wear?
A: There isn't much of an expectation for what to wear. Some people wear suits and dresses, others wear a t-shirt and jeans.
What we emphasize is that Jesus says for us to come as we are, so we encourage you to come in any way in which you feel comfortable.  

Q: What can my kids do?
A: During the week, we have Kids Central on Thursdays. On Sundays we have Sunday school classes and nursery during the morning service. Also, for a week during the summer, we have Vacation Bible School. For more information about these opportunities,  connect with Kathy Elliott, our children and youth ministries director.




Q: What are the people like?
A: Our people are from a variety of different backgrounds and walks of life.  You will meet people of from diverse backgrounds who are equally important to what God is doing in our congregation.

Q: Can I invite my friends?
A: Please do!  People who are at any point in their spiritual journey, including those who have doubts, attend Central.  Questions are welcomed and "a past" is something we all carry.


Q: Will I be asked for money?
There is an offering taken, but we encourage people who are new that the best gift they can give God is themselves.

Q: How can I get involved?
We're glad you asked! You'll find at the very bottom of this page a button to our contact page. Give us your information and some of your specific interests. We'll be sure to connect you with a church staff person and ministry to get started with in the church.


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